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The Spanko Scavenger Hunt

I made something fun for shits and giggles. BEHOLD:

~The Spanko Scavenger Hunt~

How it Works

Each participant must complete 3 categories:

  • Bring your partner(s) 10 spanking-related items.

  • Send your partner(s) 10 spanking-related links from the World Wide Webz.

  • Send your partner(s) 10 photos you took of spanking-related things.

Whoever finishes first wins. The winner can choose their reward by requesting a spanking or giving one to the loser(s). Anyone caught cheating should be pulled OTK and punished immediately!

What might cheating entail, you ask? Sending your partner a photo you downloaded from the internet for the third category rather than a photo you took yourself, for example, would be an unspeakably naughty form of cheatiness. Gathering items, links, and/or photos for the game before introducing it to a partner would also be a horrendously unfair act of blasphemy. Maintain your honor, friends. Don’t do it!

Variations on the Rules

If completing all 3 categories is impossible for any of the participants, (like if, for instance, peaches aren’t sold where you live,) you could instead decide that whoever checks off the most items within a certain time limit wins.

If you and your fellow participant(s) are playing remotely, find creative ways to adapt the game. Long-distance partners can send each other photos of the items they collected for the first category. The winner/loser/person caught cheating can self-spank if swats can’t be doled out in person.

Consent, please and thank you!

Don’t do anything for the sake of this game that might violate anyone’s boundaries or cause un-fun discomfort. That would be laaaaaaame. Negotiate before you dive in to keep the vibe silly and awesome.

Tell me how it goes!

I want to know if you had fun. Send an email and regale me with tales of your spanky scavenger adventures:

Now go forth, spankos, and make me proud.



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