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Good lord, what is this spanky place?


As you’ve likely gathered by now, I have a spanking fetish. Always have, always will. I write for myself and others like me, for spankos are kindred spirits desiring of connection.

People call this thing by many names. A sexual orientation. A sensual art form. A kinky means of foreplay. I call it a love language. Between caring, communicative, consenting adults, spanking is the most intimate act I can imagine.


I’ve always found it romantic, in the way I like it, at least. To spank a lover is to free them from the shackles of spiritual struggle and social expectation, even just for a moment. Vulnerability is required to receive what you’re given over a knee, but in the fuzzy void of pleasure brought on by this ritual, time comes to a standstill. The comfort of feeling handled by another, the connection of skin on skin, the attention to the body's most private of areas, the invitation to let go, the primal yin-yang relationship between spanker and spankee, set alight by the illicit euphoria pain can provide… mmmf. It all brings me a very natural feeling of “rightness" the likes of which I've yet to access through other means.

Add an agreed-upon layer of discipline and ‘play’ transforms into a potent expression of devotion. It is to stand boldly in the presence of your lover’s guilt, weakness, or mistakes and declare with sincerity that you won’t turn your back on their personal struggles. Remaining present, you stay and do the service of accommodating their desire to be held accountable for falling short of their full potential. In this way, you act as a mirror for their emotional journey, helping to guide and cleanse their soul.

There's nothing in this world quite like spanking. When followed up with aftercare, reassurance, and affection, the process rounds out into a perfect circle. A still, Zen-infused pool of love and ethereality topped with rainbow sprinkles. A glorious form of worship.

It disturbs me to see an act so primed for closeness misused in the name of abuse. You’ve seen it online, in porn, and perhaps even in person. Much selfishness, misogyny, and objectification surround and permeate the BDSM realm. That's not intimacy and those vibes don’t interest me a lick. What churns my butter is how the fetish brings kind, respectful, ethical kinksters around the world together. My fondness for you people cannot be expressed. We have so much in common, it delights me to the core.

Most of my fiction focuses on themes of domestic discipline, though there are exceptions, and always centers on adult characters. I hope you enjoy reading.


“Are your stories based on real events?”

For the most part, no. These are all fantasies containing spanking-related ideas my imagination enjoyed exploring, which may or may not represent my actual views about kink, sex, relationship dynamics, consent, feminism, politics, religion, etc. Though I do sprinkle elements of personal experiences here and there, 'all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in these stories are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. No animals were harmed during the writing of these stories.' Blah blah blah, you know the drill.

"Does your content contain non-consensual elements?"

Some of my stories do indeed depict scenes involving non-consensual elements. More often, however, you're likely to come across content based on agreements involving 'consensual non-consent' or 'blanket consent' between the characters, meaning the events are wanted on a meta level but may still contain instances of manipulation or force. Reader discretion is advised in all cases.


“Can I share your content?”

You may share my free stories as long as you provide attribution. (That means you must give credit that acknowledges I wrote them rather than you or anyone else. Please provide a link back to this site in those cases. Smoochy smoochy.) My non-free stories are self-published on Amazon and the company will send its mighty demons after you if you attempt to redistribute any of that stuff outside of its terms. Do not tempt the overlords and their lawyers. Everything on this site is my intellectual property and protected by copyright. No stealing. Stealing’s bad, mm’kay?


Thanks for reading!

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