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It's all about the luv.

Kinksters find connection in creative works that speak to their sexuality, and spankos are no exception. What would we do without all the lovely folks who work their paddled buns off to bring us great content? Personally speaking, I'd be crushed!

This page is dedicated to my favorite kinky content creators and the amazing work they deliver. Check out their stuff and come back occasionally for updates. I'll be lazily adding to this list over time.



Jillian Keenan

Jillian Keenan is a fellow spankee, independent non-fiction writer, and total fucking badass. She's an investigative journalist, author of Sex with Shakespeare, and has an awesome YouTube channel where she discusses spanko stuff from a number of different angles. Check out her website and support her on Patreon.

CJ Roberts

CJ Roberts is an independent writer of some deliciously dark erotica. Her debut novel Captive in the Dark, though more BDSM than spanking-flavored, has some verrrrry sexy bits between the characters and remains one of my favorites. Go on over to her website and check it out.

This site is run by a husband and wife who blog about domestic discipline. Apparently, they started out spanking for fun, but evolved over time toward their current situation, wherein The Wicked Queen holds him accountable with real, very hard spankings. I dig their loving dynamic, humor, and openness regarding the lifestyle. Hubby explains on the About page, "As in chess, while I am the King and she is my Queen…we all know…the Queen wields much more power."


Gin is a professional San Francisco disciplinarian, fellow spanking enthusiast, and local legend here in the Bay Area scene. Her blog, Smiles and Spanks, features a good amount of fantastic spanking art created during different points throughout history. She also writes occasionally to share her ideas and experiences.


Andy's Dames

Self-taught illustrator and apparent boob enthusiast Andy draws dreamy depictions of kinky scenes that inspire a perfect balance between whimsy and naughty, subversive arousal. I adore the emotional connection between his characters. Support Andy on Patreon.


Patty is a longtime spanko creator who draws domestic-discipline-focused spanking illustrations and writes erotica addressing the same themes. You can access the core page of her family of websites here.


JPC creates eye-catching spanking art that's colorful, adorable, and unique all at once. You can see his portfolio of illustrations here on his DeviantArt page.

Mister Morris

Mister Morris is a spanking artist with a fun, cartoony style. He often includes dialogue in bubbles to give context to the situation, allowing viewers to soak in all the delicious admonishment. He also accepts commissions if you're keen. Go check out his DeviantArt page!


Birdfish is a spanko illustrator who does a magnificent job of capturing the love, intimacy, and charm of the spanko lifestyle. All I can think when I come across her stuff is, "It's too good and I need MOAR!!" She accepts commissions and can be reached via Twitter and Fetlife.  


Johnny is a Sweden-based artist who specializes in adorable comics, cartoons, and retro vintage-style spanking illustrations. He enjoys depicting all sorts of scenarios, from traditional domestic punishments to those involving aliens, fairies, and other mystical creatures. Johnny is a man with a true spanko soul and is also a joy to chat with. He accepts paid commissions and displays his portfolio on Fetlife. Check it out here!

Mister Vrrrrrrrrrattko lives in the Czech Republic and draws spankees of both sexes getting their naughty butts blistered. His cartoony style is both playful and arousing to the senses. You can view his stuff
on FetLife and DeviantArt. He accepts commissions so if you’re looking to hire a creator of custom spanking art, consider giving him a holler.



Mr. Claquements is an erotic spanking photographer based in Paris. He specializes in romantic, softcore works that showcase the essence of intimacy erotic spanking creates between practitioners. Totally makes me melt. Check out his website.

Red Charls

R.C. is another fetish photographer from France. (Is it any surprise the world's most romantic culture has produced so many spankos? I say non!) He shoots all kinds of fun kinky stuff, much of which revolves around my favorite activity. Check out his stuff via his website.

Porny Peeps

Disciplined Domestically

These vids are made by a young spanko couple practicing domestic discipline at home. I dig their energy, aesthetic, and intimate connection. Their SpankingTube channel is here. (Beware, this content is dangerously sexy.) 


This spanko couple met online, fell in love, and got married! They are living the dream! Their lovely domestic discipline vids are splattered all over the internet, but the best place to watch is via their SpankingTube channel. Their profile states, "There is a magic involved with a spanking and when you find someone who means everything to you and you get to share these moments with them.... well you just can't match it!" Bliss, no?


AGS is a Florida Man and lifelong spanko who makes vids for purposes of discipline, stress relief, and fun. I think they are great and you can watch them here. I like his friendly, casual vibe. No domly ego bullshit, just A Good Spankin’! He also has a popular podcast here on Spreaker (Spranker??) that features spanko interviews. Go peep it, friendo.

Crafty Folk


This Tennessee-based couple owns a rad Etsy shop where they sell 'Hand-Crafted Spanking Paddles for Impact with Elegance'.  Their gorgeous tools have a rustic, traditional feel sure to boost the calibre of behavior in any DD-loving home. Birch writes, "We are so happy that other people share our love of these pieces as home and lifestyle (and not just Lifestyle) items that can be integrated into your home and bedroom with grace, fun, and whimsy. I often think the most compelling part about a beautiful, classic paddle is that it represents a plan, almost like a bet against one’s good behavior, that no one Wants to use, but when it’s needed, it’s right there, hanging in the pantry. We want to be the paddle in the pantry nestled in the charming, breezy, boho digs of the chronically and incurably incorrigible." Lol, goddammit I love spankos!!

Cane-iac makes an impressive variety of high-quality BDSM gear, including paddles, canes, straps, brushes, and more. My spanko pals all love this place and recommend its wares. You might like it too! Browse here.

Miss Chris
I’ve never met this lady, but she seems like quite the badass. She is based in Phoenix and provides services as a toy maker, professional disciplinarian, kink e-coach, spanking therapist, BNB host, blogger, and more. Miss Chris seems to travel a fair bit too, so check out her website to see if she’ll be spanking in your neck of the woods anytime soon. You can also reach her on Twitter and buy her implements on Etsy

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