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Nosy Neighbor


Boulder resident and recent heartbreakee Grace has developed a somewhat unhealthy obsession with her new neighbors, Evelyn and Ray. More than the fact that they’re stunningly attractive, it’s the sounds she hears emanating from their house each day. The steady smacking of skin on skin. Low, masculine murmurs of admonishment. Penitent pleas for forgiveness. Concerned that Evelyn might be a victim of domestic violence, Grace decides to meddle in their affairs on the sly, ending up ensnared in their business at a level not originally anticipated.

Short Stories

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Entirely My Business


My boyfriend wasn’t happy when a ticket came in the mail after I ran a red light. I didn’t even realize I’d done it, but that’s all the more reason for strict domestic discipline in Daddy’s eyes.

Have You Been a Good Girl This Year?


Christmas is coming once more. Cara, a bookstore cashier with lifelong Santa-focused fantasies, always finds this time of year a bit distracting. Unable to suppress her desires any longer, she approaches Santa Claus at the mall where she works to see if she can finally get her needs fulfilled.

The Presence


When the demons first began possessing the wives of men in Maisy’s rural Ohio town, people called the women crazy. Those with a sense for the supernatural, however, soon began to recognize the spirits for what they were: bitter, rejected men who couldn’t pass on, tethered to the earthly realm by their hatred toward all that is feminine. Now they roam, seeking to invade the bodies of the types of women they couldn’t have before death.

This isn’t the first time one of them has tried to take Maisy. It’s now up to her husband Elias to demonstrate to the presence that the vessel housing his wife’s soul has already been claimed and is not up for bargain.

It's Nature


Each month, ovulation renders me possessed by the violent demands of my most primal desires. On those days, I don’t wish to be pleasured or placated, but to be taken and wholly consumed against my will. Thankfully, Daddy's an expert in such matters and happy to oblige.

No Trespassing


After a few weeks of shelter-in-place, I started coming here to read in the evenings. I just felt so bored all cooped up at home. It's nice to have found this beautiful place and pass the time beneath the shimmering leaves of my favorite tree. Well… it’s not actually my tree. This isn’t my property. Not sure who owns it, but they probably wouldn’t mind if they found me here, right? What’s a bit of casual trespassing between neighbors?

Get the Hourglass


Daddy bought the hourglass for our Sundays together. Maintenance spankings start at 9 p.m. and follow a strict itinerary. These sessions weren’t instated for punishment or pleasure, but to fulfill their own unique purpose—to reinforce our connection. To strengthen our bond. Anyway, it’s getting late and I’d better get ready. In this house, there are penalties for getting off schedule.

Holding Still


Spanko couple Jared and Vivian haven't done their favorite thing since she got pregnant six months ago. Upon hearing from her doctor that he can, in fact, spank her safely if he keeps it gentle, Jared ponders more sensual means of taming his bratty wife.

Cookie Jar


Zach’s thankless job at a foundering company has sucked all the joy from his life— all aside from his passion for his submissive wife Kelly, that is. During a statewide power cut, he heads home early and discovers what she gets up to while he’s gone all day.

Every Inch


Haley is secretly addicted to an online couple’s domestic discipline cam channel. Despite her yearning for a similar dynamic in her relationship, embarrassment keeps her from pursuing her fetishes with her boyfriend Chris, who knows nothing of her proclivities. Nothing until today, that is.



Laura La Rossa was recently forced to move with her family to a small conservative town in Texas, where her father was transferred for work. Craving financial independence, she gets an administrative position at the local Baptist college for women. Reading her list of new job responsibilities, she discovers a detail she hadn’t anticipated.

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