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The Setting of a Spanking

The setting of a spanking holds immense symbolism for fetishists. As the act involves degrees of embarrassment and vulnerability, the surrounding atmosphere can be highly influential. We also connect the location to classic fantasies typically wired into the grooves of spanko brains. Let’s talk about some places people like to spank and be spanked.

The Bedroom

“This is where we sleep, have sex, and punish your naughty little bottom.”

How any fan of domestic scenes could pass up bedroom spankings is beyond me. That’s the bread and butter right there. It’s a private, comfortable, intimate space where couples are likely to share their closest moments. Great for spanking in the morning or right before bed.

The Kitchen

“No touching the cookies while they’re cooling, young man!”

Kitchen spankings have a dynamic, impromptu vibe. Like mom or pop’s gonna grab a wooden spoon at any moment and swat you with it for acting up while they're cooking. Be on your Ps and Qs!

The Living Room

The living room is a bit like the bedroom—comfy and domestic—but also out in the open. It’s a place where families hang out and guests are entertained, and woe be unto you if you earn yourself a spanking in front of them all. Sofas are especially comfy for spankers and spankees, making them ideal for OTK positioning.

In the Tub

Wet-bottom spankings hurt like a bitch, particularly when administered with the dreaded bath brush. WHACK! Therefore, the tub is a fabulous place for mean mean punishments. And getting your hair washed during aftercare? Mmf! Yes plz, Daddy.

By the Pool or at the Beach

Again, wet bottoms are quite a bit more painful when spanked but ooh lord, ESPECIALLY if it happens in front of onlookers while you’re wearing a bikini. Try to keep up that naughty fun in the sun with a noticeably pink butt. Difficult to do!

In the Classroom

A classic setting of choice for spankos who dig student/teacher roleplay scenarios. Bend over that desk for six of the best with the Board of Education, the cane, or a ruler and it’s unlikely you’ll be dozing off during class again, young man. I see straight As in your future.

At the Office

“I really tried to get here on time today, honest!”

Best not piss off the boss, lest you get called into his office to have your butt tanned for all those days of getting in late or missing deadlines. Nothing like a spanking to straighten up a slacker.

In the Woodshed

Oooh, this one's scary. If you’re getting dragged out to the woodshed to get spanked, you’re in for a serious scream-inducing ass-whooping. Being naked, cold, and crying in a dark, dirty shed is enough to make anyone want to avoid repeating their misbehavior. Spiders?! Fuck no.

At the Cabin

Similar to the woodshed, cabins have that country vibe, which is fun if you want to feel wrangled and tamed like a wild stag. Picture a stern lumberjack with a full beard and plaid shirt throwing you over his shoulder for a hard spank sesh before he heads back out to chop more wood. Ummmmm, no complaints here.

At the Manor

Quite the opposite of the cabin is that high-society European feel you see in spanking art that features servants and rich ladies getting birched or caned in the master’s study—a place for manly dude things like smoking fine cigars and reading Dickens and writing with quills and doling out thrashings. “Won’t happen again, m’lord!” (Not until I crave more swats, that is.)

At the Dungeon

More BDSM than traditionally domestic in nature, dungeons have that dark, mysterious allure. Picture whips and chains and ropes and furniture made specifically to keep you in place, you filthy squirmer. Will you ever see the light of day again? Who knows!

Some Rich Dude’s Play Room

I guess I should include this for the 50 Shades crowd, being that ‘millionaire BDSM’ is the highest-ranking category in erotica. Indeed, I would not mind being led down an extravagant hallway into a luxurious, fully equipped play room by some rich dude for a plush beating followed by hours of passionate cunnilingus. (Psst, rich dude, you out there? Your helicopter can pick me up at the gas station, thanx.)

At a Restaurant

This setting, like a classroom, is almost always best left in the realm of fantasy. However, it's never not fun to imagine bratting off at dinner, being bent over the table, and getting your bare butt swatted in front of a restaurant of shocked onlookers. Following punishment, you’ve got to sit back down and finish your meal with a sore tush while everyone whispers about that unbelievable scandal. Yikes.

At the Police Station

Caught shoplifting, were you? Now that is naughty and oooooo, you’re busted! But who can afford bail in this day in age? You may as well see if you can bargain your way out of custody with a bit of old-fashioned corporal punishment, no? I am not a lawyer but that would be my advice.

At the Doctor’s Office

You were instructed to quit smoking 6 months ago, young lady, and your doctor is done fucking around with the same old convo about your health. This white-gloved spanking is for your own damn good! Perhaps other booty-focused activities involving thermometers or enemas will be added to the prescription. Better to stay in line rather than tempting fate, I’d wager.

In the Car

“Don’t make me pull over or you’re really gonna get it!”

The car is fun for spanking-on-the-go. Getting swatted with your butt hanging out the door of the backseat on the side of the road is enough to make anyone blush. Car trips are also great if you can’t spank at home due to worries about noise in front of roommates, kids, neighbors, etc. A quick drive down the road and hey, you’ve got privacy.

The Great Outdoors

Spanking on hikes can be particularly fun and daunting for spankees. Anyone could come along and see or hear at any point. How very embarrassing! Extra points if you get a nice echo going when the sound of your smacks bounces off the mountainside. The hills are alive with the sound of spanking and I’m sure Julie Andrews would approve.

Though these are all great choices, pretty much anywhere is a great place to spank for a spanko, provided all participants are cool with the location and serious consequences aren’t likely to ensue. Have you spanked anywhere special? Ideas to add to this list? Let me know your favorite spots for swats.



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