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An Ode to My Favorite Spanking Artists

I’ve always adored spanking art. In many ways, I like it better than real porn. Art allows us to marinate on emotion-filled snapshots of imagination with a sense of fanciful whimsy rarely found in the confines of raw reality. In the realm of fantasy, we are free to feel, play, and explore in any way that suits us.

This post was written in honor of my favorite spanking artists. Bless them and their hot filthy minds!

Louis Malteste

Monsieur Malteste (1862-1928) was the creator of most of the art featured on this site. (All of which is public domain and free for use, btw. Do not spank-a-me with legal concerns!!) He was a French author and illustrator who lived in Paris and also wrote spanking novels, including Monsieur Paulette et Ses Épouses (1921) and Paulette Trahie (1922). This historical spanko clearly had a thing for domestic F/F scenes and round, chubby butts. I love the facial expressions in his work.

Jiří Winter a.k.a Neprakta

Neprakta (1924-2011) was one of the best known spanking artists from the Czech Republic. He created thousands of erotic drawings and cartoons for Czech magazines, often depicting domestic spanking and caning scenes complete with shocked onlookers. The vibe is colorful and bizarre and yeeeeeup, I’m into it.


Wighead, whose true identity is unknown, drew a number of spanking illustrations for French erotic novels during the 1930s. The works created under this name sported a variety of styles, mostly portraying themes of femdom and high-society corporal punishment.


Patty is a contemporary spanking artist from the U.S. who mainly draws erotic M/f scenes in sepia and black and white. She also writes stories and novellas about spanking and D/s. You can check out more of her work at Patty's Gallery of Spanking Erotica.

Roger Benson

Roger Benson’s contemporary BDSM art often focuses on 1950s domestic discipline scenes involving the spanking of very big bottoms. Some of his stuff is a bit too fucked up and disturbing for my taste, but I find the majority of it to be grade-A yummy.

Paula Meadows

Lynn Paula Russell, a.k.a. Paula Meadows, is an English actress, artist, and author that draws some of the most evocative spanking art I’ve ever seen. She was apparently a porn star in the early 80s before moving on to create erotic art full time. I'd like to thank the spanko gods (and Paula, of course!) for that career change.


Belgian spanko artist JPC creates adorable, colorful spanking art that catches my eye every time. Much of his work can be found on DeviantArt and is floating around elsewhere online. Go say hi!

John Willie

Another artist whose public domain stuff appears on this site, John Alexander Scott Coutts (1902-1962), a.k.a. John Willie, was a pioneering fetish photographer and artist from Singapore. Around 1945 he moved to New York and began publishing his work in Bizarre magazine. Though he focused more on BDSM and bondage than traditional domestic spanking, I find his style to be quite lovely.

Andy's Dames

Andy is a full-time illustrator of BDSM-themed art depicting a variety of kinky activities, usually featuring the same handful of characters (a.k.a. the "dames"). His works aren't solely about spanking, but it pops up a lot and he has a knack for portraying scenes in a way that implies some kind of specific situation or relationship dynamic. What I love most about Andy's stuff is the fact that he often shows the sub enjoying the experience rather than simply suffering and hating it like we see in most kinky porn. Check it all out here at Andy's Patreon page.

Namio Harukawa

Uhh, this last one is kinda cheating. (A crime we impish spankees are wont to commit.) Japanese artist Namio Harukawa didn't draw spanking art. He was obsessed, instead, with facesitting. All of his works feature voluptuous goddesses who smother weak skinny men with their fabulous, powerful muffs while they read books, smoke cigarettes, drink wine, and generally appear to give zero fucks about any of it. Despite the lack of red rumps, I figure you spanky ass-lovers could get as much out of Harukawa's delicious depictions of big round bottoms as I have. Check him oot on the Googles.

So much kinky talent out there! I could go on and on and on and on, but it’s 3 a.m. and I am le tired. G'nite!


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