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The Spanking of Pink Bits


I don’t know why I feel such a fervent need to write about this today, but here we are.

Spanking pink bits. Mm’yes. You know what I mean. Corporal punishment of pussy lips, penises, clitorises, balls, taints, and anuses. I can hear some of you out there right now squirming at the thought. “Fucking hell, what is WRONG with you, girl? Who could ever enjoy such a thing?”

But the rest of you… you know who you are… YOU are the ‘who’ who enjoys.


I remember years ago, reading Goodreads reviews of Anne Rice’s The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, the first novel of a rather famous BDSM erotica series based on the tale of Sleeping Beauty. (It’s like Disney but with paddles and rape and a rather disappointing lack of dragons.) One of the reviewers had been distrubed not by the sexual assault, subsequent enslavement, and public beatings endured by the protagonist. Nay, she was offended (and very much so) by the spanking of pink bits.

“The characters don’t just spank butts, but penises and vaginas as well! This story is sickening!!”

And I couldn’t help but smile as I read. I mean… yeah. Spankos are obsessed with the patting, smacking, swatting, paddling, flogging, and whipping of fleshy, smooth, sensitive cheeks. We adore the pain and vulnerability created through repetitive striking. We like the sight of the spankee clenching and struggling as they strive to get through it. Being that our fetish is generally sexual in nature, what’s to stop us from extending our desires to those extra-sensitive areas between the cheeks and at the apex?

As you can probably tell, (especially if you’ve read my novella Nosy Neighbor,) the spanking of pink bits holds a special place in my heart. I would like to share why. Let me count the ways.

1. It’s fucking scary.

Tell me the prospect of having your genitalia swatted doesn’t scare you at least a teensy bit and I, in turn, will call you a liar. It’s nearly impossible to keep your legs spread for corporal punishment focused on such a vulnerable place. This ritual is challenging and takes the fear-based excitement we feel before and during a spanking up to 11. Doms, incorporate this into your sessions (with consent, of course) and watch your naughty subby’s eyes go wide. “Y-you… you want to spank me there?!

2. It’s embarrassing.

Spankos have a thing for exposing what’s hidden. The peeling down of panties. The sheer terror that goes along with being seen and inspected down there. Exhibitionists live for this sort of play, but the rest of us have more trouble submitting to requests to spread ourselves wide and stay that way. And what could require more sacrifice than having our dom peek between our cheeks and swat our shy, tight little back door, watching it pucker in fear and redden as they go? Highly taboo, and erotic to boot.

3. It requires our doms to up their game.

Asscheeks are fluffy and squishy and ripe for smacking. You’re unlikely to do real damage to a sub’s booty if you know how to spank properly, as the padding of this area provides ample protection. (Though I still see some of you out there hitting WAY too high in your homemade porn vids. Stop it, you fools.) Pink bits, however, are delicate and fragile. To make pussy or penis spanking a safe and (meta-level) pleasurable experience, doms must exercise keen control over any trigger-happy impulses to hit hard. I find something very arousing about the challenge spankers face in finding that sweet spot and staying there. To punish pink bits requires a heightened degree of perception, care, and compassion.

4. It pairs well with other activities.

As we spankos well know, smacking skin leads to swelling, sensitivity, and soreness. This is part of what makes spanking such a sexual act. It sends blood rushing to our erogenous zones, causing them to awaken, pulsate, and convulse. Imagine, now, slowly and sensually inserting a lubed-up plug into a backdoor that’s just been swatted. Plunging a cock in deep between a pair of pink, engorged labia. Riding a dick you’ve just whipped while reaching back to squeeze those swollen balls. For masochistic receivers, kinky ideas like these can hold much appeal.

5. It’s an appropriate punishment for certain misdeeds.

D/s and DD couples relish the agreed-upon rules of their dynamic. If you doms catch your disobedient sub, say, masturbating without permission when they’re strictly forbidden from doing so, genital spanking can serve as a suitable punishment. How dare they play in such a way without asking? Bet they’ll remember not to do it again after experiencing what you’ve got in store.

6. It’s immensely intimate.

The level of trust, bravery, and vulnerability required from the sub is considerable in this situation. If their dom can guide them through it in a way that’s simultaneously firm, affectionate, and reassuring, following up with extra-romantic and tender aftercare, this can add a beautiful layer of closeness to the relationship. No one else will know you two have done that specific thing together, but you will never forget. ‘Tis your kinky little secret.

I will leave you now with a parting gift as an example of what I mean. Behold, one of my veeeeeeery favorite spanking videos of all time, from the sweet couple who makes the Disciplined Domestically clips. Good lord, I can’t get over it. Gets me every time.

Warning: It is porn. Not at all safe for work (unless your job totally rocks).



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