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Swats in Sunny Florida: An Interview with Agoodspankin

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One of my favorite tops on SpankingTube is a Florida Man known as Agoodspankin. You may have heard of him; he also hosts a long-running spanking podcast. I was first introduced to his videos a couple years ago by a spanko friend and always liked the energy. Different women visit his place and he spanks them according to what they’re looking for. Some of the sessions have a strong disciplinary vibe while others are more playful or sensual.

Sorry if the format's fucked up on your device. I can't figure it out and am done trying.

Even when AGS is acting strict and “mean” in his videos, I’ve always gotten the sense that he’s a kind and considerate person who likes to have fun.

I recently connected with AGS via FetLife and asked if he’d be interested in gracing us with an interview. By Jove, he said yes! It’s our lucky day! Below is our chat about his videos, his podcast, his spanko journey, how he feels about volleyball players, and a whole lot more. Enjoy!


T: Hey, AGS. I'm excited to chat with you. Will you briefly bring readers who aren't familiar with you up to speed? How are you active in Spanking Land? What do you do?

AGS: Hey! Thanks for having me. I always hate answering questions like these because I feel like everybody is giving a big eye-roll 🙄 when they read my answers.

In late 2010, my vanilla girlfriend at the time (we were both 42,) wanted to see what she looked like getting a spanking. We had only been dating for about a month and the spanking thing I introduced her to progressed very fast. So we made a video and posted it to SpankingTube. Eleven years and 100+ free videos later, I have been fortunate enough to attract a decent following with a handful of cuties that liked my spanking style enough to actually want to meet in person. I’ve been very lucky in that aspect and have made some great friends.

I’m not very interactive in the spanking community on the different sites and I don’t attend parties. (I have a hard enough time just keeping up with emails!) I don’t post videos as often anymore, but I did start a spanking podcast in 2000 called Never Too Old For Agoodspankin. It keeps me busy, gives me a chance to talk to other spankos, and hopefully helps some newer or shy spankos realize that they aren’t alone in this. From the feedback, people seem to enjoy it.

T: Awesome. I did not eye-roll you, btw. I think it’s interesting. Were you shy about making videos at first? I've thought about it, but I'm not sure I'd like that kind of attention. I'm sure you have people you've never met feeling like they know you rather intimately.

AGS: I was not very shy when I posted my first videos. I just thought it was cool that the girl in them wanted to do it. It was fun reading the comments and watching the views go higher and higher. I didn’t think they were going to be all that popular. As my vids got more and more popular, I did start to feel pressure to make good content while still staying within my own style of spanking. I do like that people enjoy my vids, leave comments, and look forward to new ones.

There are definitely some people that email me as if they know me. Some are a little over the top. Those stories are too long for this interview. 😆

T: Gotcha. How would you describe your spanking style?

AGS: As opposed to what my videos show, I’m more of a fun spanker. I like spanking mixed with a lot of massage, a real nice warm-up, and just a lot of fun. My disciplinary spanking style is just based on how I pictured all of those cute girls in my classes getting it from their parents while I spent way too much time daydreaming in school. I realize that most parental spankings were not as ritualistic and controlled, but they were in my young mind. 😆

Although I pictured girls receiving discipline, I never really pictured myself giving them discipline. Like I said, I’m more of a fun spanker… but… I like to give the girls I meet what they’re looking for. I’m not big on yelling and I hated when I got yelled at as a kid, so I always thought a calm but firm lecture would be more my style. I can obviously talk and I have a good imagination, so that part was easy to incorporate.

T: Yeah, that's pretty much the impression I get while watching your videos. Like, you can wear the dom/disciplinarian hat if that's what the spankee wants to experience in a session, and you're awesome at all the lecturing stuff. But you seem to prioritize sharing a fun and sensual time, first and foremost.

This is actually one of my favorite videos of yours. Sweet vibes all around:

AGS: Yeah, that was a fun Sam video. I don’t really watch my own videos but that one is kind of hot. 😆

T: Totally. I don't like the yelling stuff either, or anything too aggressive or degrading. The "calm but firm" style is catnip. Big Daddy Energy. Love it.

How do you handle the negotiation process before you film spankings? Is it a bit different with everyone?

AGS: The negotiation process is a little different with everyone, when it comes to meeting them and getting an understanding of what they want. With the videos, it’s up to them whether they want to make one or not. I don’t push the issue. Some are ok with showing their faces, some don’t want to show nudity, but they all want the video to be a hit (pun intended). 😆

I just work around what they give me to work with. Some have a real reason for wanting the spanking. With others, the reasons are made up, and some are just-for-fun spankings. I try to throw in something a little different to make each video stand out. Only one girl ever shot down my idea for her video, but then regretted it when she saw how popular that same idea made the next video that I made with another girl.

T: It's pretty nice of you and all those ladies to put out so much sexy spanko content for free. Have you ever thought about monetizing by hopping on the OnlyFans train or something similar? I'm not saying you should, I just know how much time and work goes into creating quality content for the big wide internet.

AGS: There were a couple of occasions when I attempted to make videos specifically to sell, but I never liked how they came out. I would feel bad for selling subpar content, so I just post mine for free, hoping that cute girls like them enough to possibly want to meet and have a similar experience.

There are so many people selling vids now, competing with others for sales. And then there is the issue of people taking those videos and posting them illegally for free. Video producers lose a lot of money that way. I have even had people take my free videos from SpankingTube and post them on other sites. I don’t know what they get out of that.

T: It's so fucked up to steal other people's content, especially in a community so rooted in intimacy and vulnerability. Last year I was informed someone had taken one of my free spanking stories and was selling it under their own name on Amazon. I don't care about the money, but I was not happy to have something so personal to me used that way. I can't even imagine how I'd feel if it was videos of me getting a spanking or something like that. Very uncool.

AGS: It’s crazy that they stole your writing and started selling it as their own. I don’t think people have sold my videos, but I can’t say it’s never happened and be totally confident about it.

T: Can we talk about your background? When and how did you realize you had the fetish?

AGS: I knew spanking was something in my life when I was in first grade. I knew I was attracted to girls' butts and knew I wanted to spank them, but I didn’t know why. I didn’t act on it, but I wanted to.

T: Good instinct to hold back on that. 😂

You mentioned before, part of your intention with the podcast is to help spankos who are shy or new understand they're not alone in this. Did you struggle with that feeling when you were growing up? When and how did you realize this was all a bigger thing? Also, when did you finally start exploring spanking in real life?

AGS: I think most of us struggled with this when we were younger, especially those of us that didn’t grow up with the internet. I felt like a weirdo. I did have a family friend that I spanked a handful of times when I was 13. Nothing like the spankings I give today. Just short OTK hand spankings, and they were always a result of some kind of game we were playing. I never talked about spanking with anyone.

When I was about 15, I playfully spanked a friend because she smacked my butt. From that point on, I would find any reason to spank her and she really seemed to enjoy the excitement of it, so it became a regular thing with us. It evolved over the next few years, where she would lay over my lap for an hour or so while I would spank and massage her cute butt. They were not disciplinary spankings. There was no lecturing. They were basically just long, building spankings with a lot of massage. It was awesome. I still felt weird about it, but I was content with what I had going on.

T: Pretty cool that you had lady friends your age who you could explore with in person when you were younger. Sounds like a fun connection, just having her lay across your lap so y'all could indulge for a while. I like to do that while watching movies on the couch with other spankos. Just chillin'.

AGS: Yeah. At that point, I’d only seen spankings in mainstream TV shows and movies. It wasn’t until I saw a couple of spankings in porn and discovered Shadow Lane videos that I started to realize spanking was an actual thing. Even though I discovered that stuff in my late teens and early 20’s, I still didn’t have the internet and still went through phases of feeling weird about spanking, but I started meeting more girls that were receptive to the idea of me spanking them. I continued to spank vanillas until I released my first videos at 42 years old. The rest is history.

Sometimes I think that spanking vanillas was a lot less complicated. 😆

T: How come? Did they generally desire a less detailed experience and/or not have a bunch of deep-seated psychological wiring attached to it? I guess most vanilla people just want to spank for fun or quick foreplay.

AGS: Spanking a vanilla was really just me introducing what I like to do to someone that has no spanking expectations. My spanking interests have a lot to do with just spanking and massaging a cute butt and very little to do with discipline. I think that’s why it was easier to introduce it to vanilla girls. Who doesn’t like a butt massage? 😆 The massages lasted a lot longer than the spankings and before you knew it, they were asking for spankings regularly because they knew what the end result would be.

Meeting other spankos for the past 12 years has been great, but every spanko is different when it comes to this. Sometimes it gets complicated and a little exhausting. 😂

T: Yeah, that's understandable. We're definitely all unique when it comes to what we want and those differences can be a big deal.

Can I ask how 'out' you are with all this stuff? I know you don't show your face online, but I still imagine people who know you in real life might be able to recognize your voice through your videos and podcasts. Do your friends know about all this?

AGS: None of my male friends have ever seen my videos. I have a few male friends that have seen pictures and know about my visitors and what we do, but I don’t think they totally get it. A few female friends know the whole story, have seen some vids, and have even been in a few, or maybe just some pictures. Most of the girls that know the whole story have also gotten spanked by me at least a time or ten.

One of my brothers knows about everything. He has not seen the videos, but I always tell him when someone is visiting… so he can steer the police in the right direction if I go missing. 😆

T: Definitely smart! I'm glad you have a safety system to protect you. Always have to keep these things in mind.

I know you like sensual spankings, but how do you feel about role-play? If you could role-play any type of scene in one of your videos with full costumes and props and such, what would you create?

AGS: I’m not a big fan of role-play, but if I was to do it and was going all out, I would want to spank 2-3 girls in a video with them dressed up as softball or volleyball players. I love those uniforms. I, of course, would just be me. 😆

T: What about tennis players bent over the net side-by-side?

AGS: Not my thing. I love form-fitting pants, leggings, shorts, etc…

T: Ah, I getcha. Makes sense.

Do you have any spanko goals or things you want to do in 2022?

AGS: I didn’t make any resolutions. I have been making it a point to not try to answer every email I get every day. It really does take up a lot of time and I think my ass is getting flat from all the time I’ve spent sitting and typing, trying to keep up with them. 😆 But to answer your question… no, I have not set any real goals for myself in my spanko or personal life.

T: Will you tell me a bit more about your podcast and how it's gone since you started?

AGS: When I first started it, I basically did it because when I did a search for spanking, I found nothing. I later found out that there were a couple of spanking podcasts, but not until I was quite a few episodes in with my channel. Had I seen those podcasts, I probably would never have started mine. I just wanted to make something that was entertaining enough for people to want to tune in. An escape for spankos. I wanted to make it a mix of people that are prominent in the spanking business and others who are just normal spankos and aren’t what people might consider “celebrities.” It has done better than I expected. I get a lot of great feedback and the listener numbers keep increasing.

T: I bet, huh. Spankos need community and good entertainment. What's one of the most interesting things you've learned from your guests while chatting during the show?

AGS: I think everybody has brought something great to each episode, but the thing I like about this, which is something I’ve been saying for years, is that everybody is different when it comes to this spanking thing. Everybody has something uniquely interesting in their own spanking journey.

T: Definitely true.

Thanks a lot for the chat, AGS. It was nice to learn about your spanking journey, in particular.

AGS: Thanks for having me!


Such a lovely man! And fascinating, to boot.

You can follow Agoodspankin on FetLife and Twitter. You can also watch his videos on SpankingTube, if ya like, and access his podcast via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and this site. Go forth and indulge your sparkly spanko soul!



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