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I’m Art! Witness My Imaginary Punishment

My Fetlife friend Johnny_75, an immensely talented spanking artist based in Sweden, has turned my naughty ass into a brilliant piece of spanking art that I must share with you all. Here’s the full illustration in all its colorful glory:

So uhhhhhh, as the drawing implies, procrastination is a bit of a problem for me...

“A bit of a problem, T? You sure about that??”

Okay it’s actually, if I’m honest, one of my greatest personal struggles as a work-from-home writer and the main issue I ask disciplinarians to assist me with. It’s not that I hate what I do. I love it, in fact. I just find it hard to consistently self-motivate at the level I desire. External praise, encouragement, threats of consequences, and even punishment help me build momentum, stay engaged, and get shit done. Johnny is aware of this and created this incredible piece as a motivational reminder of what happens to lazy brats like me.

I can’t stop fucking laughing every time I look at it. At the top, Johnny has shown my main sources of distraction, which usually involve chatting or thinking about spanking. (Yes, I’m a pervert, just in case this whole website wasn’t evidence enough.)

In the middle of the drawing is ME, immortalized with my pants down in cartoon form over the lap of Johnny himself, who appears to be rather enjoying himself, as spankers tend to do while doling out justice. Above us on either side are two bubbles with my booty first clothed… then bared!!! That way, aspiring spankers won’t get confused as to how it’s done.

“Ohhh, the pants come down! I get it now!”

Very educational.

Johnny has also provided a chart at the bottom to document the stages of a proper spanking and the emotional journey that accompanies it, kinda like one of those pain charts at the doctor’s office! He and I agreed our favorite part is the left-most frowny face, before the spanking appears to have started. She is mildly disappointed and bummed about her fate. “Aww, spanked again? Booooo.”

All in all, it serves as a clear and informative guide to nipping procrastination in the bud. Please show it to your spankers if they seem hazy on the concept for any reason. If you’re lucky and lazy enough, you should be over their knees in no time.

Johnny’s spanko portfolio includes many illustration styles, but this vintage/retro variety is his personal favorite, and mine as well! Here’s more of his stuff drawn in the same style:

Someone misbehaved at the beach…

Oh goodness, no! Not a spooky monstrous spanking machine!

Fox Mulder told us the truth was out there, but he never mentioned the aliens were spankos...

(We all knew they were, though.)

What spankee has not fantasized about spilling coffee on purpose in hopes of strict correction from the boss? I know I have.

And finally, more evidence of the global octo-spank-attack epidemic I previously spoke of in this post. Those slippery bastards are in the sea right now as we speak, conspiring against us all.

As you can see, Johnny is a genius and you can view more of his brain candy here on Fetlife if you have an account. Go say hi and tell him he’s amazing! I promise he won’t bite... but can’t promise he won’t spank… so behave yourselves. (Or not).



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