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How to Say ‘Spanking’ in 4 Foreign Languages

Have a seat, spankos. School is in session.

Spanking is a worldwide sexual phenomenon. In the U.S., the word usually refers to hand swats, but the term may change depending on the implement used, which is why we have ‘paddling / whipping / flogging’, etc. In the UK, ‘spanking’ refers specifically to swatting asses, while the word ‘smacking’ may be used to describe butt-focused punishment or slapping other parts of the body. Additionally, they refer to their own traditional tools of corporal punishment, which is why we have ‘caning, birching,’ etc. (Thanks, Brits!)

I'm a language nerd and kinda-sorta familiar with how to talk about spanking in French, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese. Let’s explore how these 4 cultures talk about our favorite activity.

(Also, if you’re a native speaker and think my info is wrong or you’d like to share other terms, email meeeeee.)

French: une fessée

My girlfriend gave me a spanking. — Ma copine m'a donné une fessée.

How does everything sound so much hotter in French?

Spanish: unas nalgadas / una azotaina / una zurra / unas palmadas

I have a spanking fetish. — Tengo un fetiche de las nalgadas.

Because many different forms of Spanish are used around the world, there are many ways to describe hitting asses, but these seem to be the most common.

Italian: una sculacciata

Do you need a spanking, young lady? — Hai bisogno di una sculacciata, signorina?

Yes. Yes I do.

They also use the verb schiaffeggiare, meaning 'to slap', to describe the act, but I prefer the more ass-focused option given above.

Japanese: supankingu / pan-pan / oshiri pen-pen

Do you like it when I spank you? — Supankingu suru toki ni sore o sukidesuka? (スパンキングするときにそれを好きですか?)

From what I’ve gathered, Japanese people mainly use the English-derived katakana translation ‘supankingu’ when referring to erotic activities. They’re also big fans of onomatopoeias and use “pan” or “pen” to describe the sound created when slapping butts. “Pan-pan!” = “Smack smack!” Cute, no?

Now go forth and flirt, worldly scholar.



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