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Guest Post: A Lesson in 'Spankish'

SPANKISH: learning Spanish through talking about spanking

I remember one day in Spanish class during my first year of college in California, my Argentinian professor mentioned spanking.

“You Americans call it abuse. Where I’m from, we just call it discipline.”

You spankos can surely imagine the burning mixture of emotions that tingled to life within me upon hearing those two sentences leave the mouth of my handsome and firm-yet-approachable teacher. But beyond the obvious combination of embarrassment, arousal, and confusion I always felt when spanking came up in conversation, his comment brought to my attention the fact that attitudes and approaches to spanking may differ depending on the culture where it’s practiced.

The following Spankish lesson was written by my Fetlife friend Ricardo_spkr as an extension of my How to Say ‘Spanking’ in 4 Foreign Languages post. As I mentioned there, talking about spanking in Spanish can be a challenge for speakers of other languages because so many different dialects are used around the world. Options abound for ways to discuss swatting butts, but today we are lucky, for we have a native speaker to help us! Pay attention and take good notes so you can have the kind of fun you really crave on your next trip to the Spanish-speaking realm.

Take it away, profe!


The love for languages is not a prisoner of the vanilla world. Learning and having fun during the process is something that we spankos also deserve.

For this purpose, I’ve created the SPANKISH method to structure Spanish lessons based on spanking words and expressions. SPANKISH is highly effective for spanko students because it covers examples you'll love to learn and use.

Spanish, as you may know, is spoken in 21 countries around the world and influenced by many ways of living and thinking. In this Spankish lesson, you’ll learn examples of how to discuss spanking in Colombian Spanish, along with a couple words used in other countries.

“a spanking”

  • una nalgadas

  • una zurra

  • una muenda

  • una pela

  • un chirlo

  • una azotaina (used mainly in Spain)

“I'm going to spank you / give you a spanking.”

  • Le voy a nalguear.

  • Le voy a dar una zurra.

  • Le voy a dar una muenda bien duro. (bien duro = very hard)

“You are looking for a spanking.” (Similar to “You’re cruising for a bruising,” in English.)

  • Se está buscando una muenda.

“This spanking is for your own good.”

  • Esta zurra es por tu propio bien.

Belt spankings are a particularly popular form of discipline in Latin America. Therefore, we have many expressions about belts that we use to inspire goosebumps.

“a belt”

  • un juete

  • una correa

  • un cinturón

  • un cinto (used in some countries in Latin America, but not all)

“a belt spanking”

  • una juetera

  • una cueriza

  • una limpia

“I’m going to spank you with my belt.”

  • Le voy a dar unos buenos juetazos.

  • Le voy a echar juete.

Here’s a fun idiom:

“When the bottom wants to be spanked, it requests it by itself.”

Cuando el culo quiere juete, él mismo lo solicita.

When someone is whining all the time about everything, we use a couple common sayings in Colombia:

  • Le hace falta es juete.

  • Le hizo falta juete.

This means the person is not being spanked or has not been spanked with a belt enough, which is the reason for all their complaining.

While they’re popular in the U.S., paddles are rarely used for corporal punishment in Latin America. We mainly use them for erotic spanking between adults and in those cases, we simply use the English word ‘paddle’.

Spanking and culture are closely related in all corners of the world. Ask any Spanish-speaking spanko for more info about SPANKISH. Naturally, for all you spankees out there, SPANKISH lessons can usually be paid for with spankings. ;)

¡ Hasta la próxima !


Thanks, sensei! (Oops, I mean ‘profe’. Ahem, lo siento. ¡¡Por favor no me des una nalgadas!!)

You can hop to Ricardo_spkr’s Fetlife profile by clicking here if you have an account. Head on over, say hola, and learn ye a thing or three!

Con muchos besitos, mis amigos pervertidos. xx



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