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A Game to Play with Your Spanko Friends

A few days ago, a spanko friend (who, in case she’s reading this, is an EXTREMELY naughty brat, by the way,) introduced a game that’s been making me giggle. One of us sends the other a piece of spanking art and we go back and forth giving the image context, discussing why the spanking happened.

Here’s how it works.

Sweet Tea: I bet he was mansplaining.

Spanky friend: Oh he definitely was! Maybe in front of friends at the wedding? The thumbnail does say they’re on their honeymoon.

T: Yeah, I think she wants to set a precedent for the future, informing him that such arrogance will not be tolerated in their marriage over the years to come.

SF: Definitely. While it was the first time, it certainly won’t be the last.

T: No, he will need reminding in the future, for sure. Poor guy, he's a bit clueless.

SF: And a bit too sassy for his own good.

T: What do you think she did to deserve this?

SF: Ohhh! She was definitely very naughty to receive the birch, but mayhaps less by our standards because of the time period. Something wanton maybe?

T: I suspect you're right. There's an air of harlotry about her and that is just not acceptable for a lady in her home.

SF: Yup! It’s possible she let a man in without any male relative being home. (!!)

T: Letting a man into the home without a male relative present?? She needs a sound birching, to be sure.

SF: I have rather mixed feelings on this one. His bottom isn’t bare, so he can’t have been that bad surely?

T: Maybe they're just getting started though. I have a feeling those trousers will have to come down.

SF: They definitely will. Hmm. In that case I wonder if he skipped out on his chores.

T: That makes sense to me. She doesn't look mad like he's done something horrible. Just everyday discipline for being a slacker. Happens all the time.

SF: Yup, and it was made clear early in their relationship when he forgot to pay a bill or something.

T: Oh yes. She won't hesitate to pull him over her knee. Most natural thing in the world. Of course he gets spankings.

SF: Imagine how much better society would be.

T: Indubitably.

Easy, right? Good for long-distance fun. Play it with your spanko friends so you can giggle too.



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