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A Big Spanking

This is my favorite phrase of the day from the spanko realm. I was inspired by someone on the internets.

“My play partner gave me a big spanking this morning before our outing,” she explained, captioning a photo of her sore, pinkened rear.

Oh my god. It delights and enamors me. I can’t stop smiling and giggling when I think about it. Heeheeheeheehee...

I mean, what ***exactly*** is “a big spanking” anyway, hmmmmm~~~? It could mean any number of things, but it definitely means something important.

Is it a particularly hard spanking?

One that lasts a long time?

One that involves scary implements?

One with lots of vigorous lecturing?

One that creates a robust response?

One the spankee will remember for a long, long, loooooong time?

Gosh. So many things to consider…

If I close my eyes and picture it though, I’d say it might involve all of the above.

“You’re getting A BIG SPANKING when we get home.”

Shit. Now that’s gonna be a spectacle. A whole huge to-do. I’d be very, very scared and feeling all of five years old, shakin’ in my sneakers.

After walking in the door from the car, the situation would be promptly addressed.

“You go straight to your room and wait for me there, right now.”

No no no nooooo. I don’t want to get spanked!! Fuckbuckles.

Then they’d come in when they were ready and get straight down to business.

“You know better than to behave like that, young lady. You take those pants down and get over my knee this instant!”

I don’t think you get a warm-up during A BIG SPANKING. It’s hard, fast, righteous bare-bottom swats right from the get-go. It’d take all of ten seconds to really start feeling it and begging for forgiveness.

“Ow! Ow! Owwww! I’m sorry!!”

But the spanker of A BIG SPANKING is not remotely swayed, for they have had ENOUGH and are hell-bent on teaching you a sound lesson as quickly as possible.

“If you ever (SMACK!)... EVER (SMACK!) do that again, I’ll bare your bottom and bend you over right there and then, regardless of who’s watching!”


“Please don’t! I promise I’ll be good! I promise!!!”

I think A BIG SPANKING would have to include a hairbrush or belt eventually, along with lots of crying, kicking, and hollers for it to stop. The kind of whuppin’ the neighbors can hear and whisper about all the way down the block.

“Yikes… someone’s gettin’ it good.”

Commotion and tears and a massive hullabaloo, followed by a good stint of sniffling in the corner and ZERO question of whether the message has been received. Whatever you did to earn A BIG SPANKING will absolutely, unequivocally cease to be an issue. It will NEVER happen again. Not once.

Of course, that’s just my interpretation. I am wholly open to hearing other visions. What do you think A BIG SPANKING entails, hmmmm?



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