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20 Spanko Synonyms for ‘Butt’

Spanking is, at times, a very language-focused fetish. Many receivers adore being lectured and scolded by their strict but caring disciplinarians. For some, spanko speak is even more impactful than the swatting itself. It adds a potent layer of emotional connection to an already vulnerable and intimate act.

Naturally, much of our flirty dirty talk revolves around butts. We are obsessed with glutei maximi and often QUITE (!!) particular about the words used to describe them in the context of our sessions. One's choice of vocabulary can enhance or ruin the mood, so it’s worth checking in with your partner(s) to get a sense of their preferences.

Let us take a moment to appreciate the various terms spankos use to refer to their favorite portion of the human form.

1. Bottom

This, I’ve observed, appears to be the #1 preference throughout the community. It’s an upstanding, respectful, traditional word that’s unlikely to offend. It also, as one friend pointed out, “has a lovely round feel to it.” Fuckbuckles, she’s right. Indeed it does!

2. Ass / arse

While some peeps do like this one, it seems to be the least desirable choice among the spanko population in the context of a session. There’s a bit of a coarse, back-alley-catcall feel to it. “Mmmm, lemme tear up that ass.” Ew, no thanx. I don’t dig it these days either.

3. Booty

Bouncy, playful, contemporary. Also ideal for pirate roleplay. “Avast! Come to plunder yer booty, have I!” Eek!

4. Tush / tushie

Some spankees seem to hate this one and find it too infantilizing. Understandable, but I think it’s cuuuute.

5. Posterior

Rare, but refined and dignified! Never heard it during a session, but it would surely make me giggle.

6. Buns

Warm, fluffy, smackable buns rising in the oven! Who, I ask you WHO could hate? No one, I say. ‘Tis a fine choice.

7. Cheeks

First one pair blushes,

then the other, during a

well deserved whoopin’.

“Garth! That was a haiku!”

8. Heinie

We talking beer or butts? One of each per hand, perhaps?

9. Rear end

Neutral, descriptive, and unlikely to ruffle feathers. Again, a sensible option.

10. Behind


11. Backside

Double ditto.

12. Mud flaps

No one’s actually allowed to use this aside from SPINAL TAP.

13. Rump

This one’s good if all you wanna do is zoom-a-zoom-zoom-zoom and a boom boom.

14. Derriere

So delicate and Frawnch. DON’T forget the accent.

15. Keister

This word is apparently of Yiddish descent and originally meant ‘suitcase, satchel, or handbag’. Please don’t spank my suitcase. It is very well behaved.

16. Bum

Polite and British, like caning, crumpets, and spotted dick.

17. Buttocks

I always hear Forrest Gump when I see this one, but uttered with confidence, it adds good fun to a cheeky spank.

18. Tuchus

More Yiddish! Tush / tushie were derived from this word, the internet tells me. The more you know~~~

19. Globes

I’ve pretty much only seen this one used in erotica. “Her plump, alabaster globes quivered with unbridled vehemence, warming to a deep crimson blush as his meaty hand dealt a flurry of agonizing blows.” Thrilling!

20. Fanny

God, I can hardly type it. This one’s my personal favorite and I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s the double meaning between the USA and UK/NZ/AUS versions or something about the way it sounds. I honestly can’t handle it at all. If we ever hang in person and you say this word out loud, I will scream and die of bashfulness on the spot. Murder is illegal, I’ve been told. Don’t do it, dear reader.

Which is your favorite, spank-lovers?


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