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Custom spanking stories.

What is writing?

"Telepathy, of course."

- Stephen King

The imagination of a spanko is wired to fantasize. I adore the process of painting evocative, sexy pictures with words. If you’ve got a spanking story in mind that simply must be told, I’m available for commissioned projects. Send me a prompt based on your idea, whether rough or detailed, and I’ll immortalize your vision on paper.

How it works:

1. Read all the information on this page. By contacting me to commission a story, you agree to the specific Terms & Conditions outlined below, as well as the overall Terms & Conditions for this site.

2. Contact me with a description of your idea. I’ll get in touch to let you know the prompt has been approved, or tell you why it hasn't and give suggestions for how we can make it work. 
3. Once we’ve agreed on the content, we’ll decide on a deadline and maximum word count together. I will then send you a quote.
4. You pay 50% in advance via PayPal.
5. I write the story and let you know when it’s finished, checking in with you along the way if and when necessary.
6. You pay the remaining 50% via PayPal and I send you the story via email as a PDF file.

7. Spankalicious joy ensues! 


My starting rate is $0.35 per word. (Prices are listed in U.S. dollars.)

All commissioned stories have a 500 word minimum.

Up to 500 words - $175
Up to 1,000 words - $350
Up to 5,000 words - $1,750
Up to 10,000 words - $3,500

Rates are non-negotiable and subject to increase in special cases involving expedited deadlines or additional research. All fees will be included in the quote provided before you commit or pay a dime.

Terms & Conditions:

1. I don’t accept prompts involving minors, animals, race play, hardcore degradation, or similar elements that make me uncomfortable. (This is for my happiness as well as yours. The story will be un-sexy if I’m turned off by the concept. Nobody wants that!)  
2. Commissions from minors are not accepted either. Please don’t contact me (or continue to use this website) if you’re under 18.
3. I retain all intellectual property rights to commissioned stories, with the exception of ghostwriting projects. (See below for details.) I also retain the right to post commissioned stories here on my website and associated social media platforms for other readers to enjoy. Commissioned stories are never published on Amazon.
4. You agree to credit Sweet Tea Stories when sharing commissioned work with others.
5. My rate includes one round of edits in case small changes are desired once a story is finished. This does not include holistic rewrites or major changes to the content. Please be sure to communicate all specific requests in your initial prompt.
6. Refunds will not be given. Please be sure of your decision before making any payments.
7. Sexual harassment or propositioning of any kind will result in immediate termination of the project. Please be respectful while we work together. (Again, no refunds.) You also acknowledge that commissioned projects are a collaborative endeavor for entertainment purposes only and never to be interpreted as a means of sexual propositioning, harassment, or interest from my end. 


My starting rate for ghostwriting is $0.50 per word. (Prices are listed in U.S. dollars.)

These stories also have a 500 word minimum.


Up to 500 words - $250

Up to 1,000 words - $500

Up to 5,000 words - $2,500

Up to 10,000 words - $5,000


"Why does ghostwriting cost more?"


  • You will be granted exclusive ownership of all intellectual property rights and may adapt and distribute the content as you see fit, without my permission.

  • I will not take credit for the work and you needn’t credit me upon sharing it. Consider the content yours for all time.

  • The story will not be posted here on my site or associated social media platforms. Again, the content is yours. Act like I’m not even here and never was! (Ooooooooo~ spooky!)

All other commission policies listed above still apply. I reserve the right to change these rates, terms, and 

conditions at any point in the future. (Though I'd never do so mid-project. That would be shady.) Please check this page for current information before emailing me to commission a story.

I look forward to collaborating with you!

To get started, reach out using the contact form below or email me at

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